Adobe InDesign
Calendar Wizard

by Scott Selberg

Tutorial 2: Inserting a Calendar into a Newsletter

Create an InDesign Document

You will need to add a text frame which will be filled with the calendar.



Select the Target TextFrame

The text frame can either be selected, or the Insertion Point can be active in the text frame.


Launch the Calendar Wizard

Double click on the calendarWizard.js in the Scripts pallete.

You can also use "calendarWizard-classic.js" or the "gridCalendar.js" under legacy-launchers. That will bring up the classic interface which is faster, but less interactive.


Scripts Panel

Adjust the Settings

No adjustments required

Script UI


When inserting a calendar into a targeted text frame, only one month may be generated. The days of the week will either be the first letter, first three letters, or the full text depending on the size of the text frame.