Adobe InDesign
Calendar Wizard

by Scott Selberg

Non-Centered 12 Month Calendar

Launch the Calendar Wizard

Do not have a frame selected, or a curser active in a text frame, then double clicking on calendarWizard.js in the Scripts pallete.

You can also use "calendarWizard-classic.js" or the "gridCalendar.js" under legacy-launchers. That will bring up the classic interface which is faster, but less interactive.

Scripts Panel

Adjust the Custom Frames

For this example, we want to create 12 17x11 pages with the calendar centered in the bottom half of the page.

In the Basic Settings window, set the start month to January last month to December to create a range of months.

Change to the Custom Frames window.

Set the document height to

17" high, 11" wide, 0" bleed and 0.5" margin.

Set a custom calendar frame as follows:

height = 8", width = 10", top = 9", left = 0.5"


top = 9", bottom = 16.5", left = 0.5", right = 10.5"

Custom Frames View


While this method requires some thinking, it does provide a nice mechanism for generating a set of calendars of the exact size and placement desired. What makes this method different from creating a text frame and generating the calender into it is the ability to generate a set of calendars of identical placement rather than just one.