Adobe InDesign
Calendar Wizard

by Scott Selberg

Calendar with Holidays

Launch the Calendar Wizard

Do not have a frame selected, or a curser active in a text frame, then double clicking on calendarWizard.js in the Scripts pallete.

You can also use "calendarWizard-classic.js" or the "gridCalendar.js" under legacy-launchers. That will bring up the classic interface which is faster, but less interactive.

Scripts Panel

Adjust the Settings

Select the Holidays Window. The holiday option matrix has a grid of checkboxes. The rows are sets of holidays that can be included. The columns represent one of four holiday paragraph styles that are applied to that holiday. In this case I checked the Christian holidays with style B and United_States holidays with style A

Holidays View


In the calendar to the right, two US holidays and one Christian holiday have been included each with a different paragraph style.

The holiday sets are very easily customized. See the users guide for more information.

Once the calendar has been made, the holidays can be manually updated selecting the appropriate layer, then editing the contents of the table.