Adobe InDesign
Calendar Wizard

by Scott Selberg

New in Version 5

New UI

A new user interface has been introduced with verion 5. The new interface is based on a different graphical library which allows for a much richer interaction with the user.

Script UI GUI

Save/Recall Settings

The new user interface has opened the door for having presets to save and recall the settings of the wizard. By default, when a calendar is created an automatic preset is created so if the results are not quite what you were expecting, it's easy to go back, recreate the the settings and make any necessary adjustments.

ScriptUI-GUI Preset

Holiday File Manager

The new UI has the ability to view, create, edit and delete the holiday files.

Holiday File Manager

The List Calendar

The list calendar is a new type of calendar sponsored by the

List Calendar UnstyledList Calendar Styled

The Line Calendar

The line calendar is a stylish way of including the calendar without intruding on a picture. It can be made with one or two lines, and horizontal or vertical.

Line Calendar UnStyledLine Calendar Styled

Improved accuracy of the moon phases

Determining the phase of the moon seems simple, but turns out to be rather tricky as the orbit of the moon and earth are not quite circular. It's also dependant on the viewer's time zone. Because of that, the simpler algorithms have a high tendency to be either a day early or late. For release 5, a more complex algorithm leveraged from the basic program talked about in the March 1985 issue of Sky & Telescope magazine is used which is fairly accurate with regards to the full and new moons based upon a UTC viewing perspective. The half moons still suffer from being either a day early or late. For those who are really particular about the accuracy, the dates for the moon phases can also be provided through a holiday file. This allows the user to be 100% accurate for their time zone.

In addition to the accuracy, the user now has control over the size of the moon as a percentage of the cell size. Also, the user can determine if the viewing is from the northern or southern hemisphere as the light starts on the right and grows left in the north, and it starts on the left and grows right in the south. If using InDesign CS4 or greater, the script will apply object styles to the moon and create both halfs of the half moon with appropriate colors/styles to create an easier to interpret viewing of the moon phases.

IS08601 Week Date

The script now support inserting the ISO8601 Week Day. The standard does require that the the week starts on Monday.

Custom Frames for Picture, Month and Year

The user now has the ability to specify a frame to insert a picture, the month and the year. This can be very useful when generating a multi-month multi-page calendar to keep the layout consistent between months. The new interface also allows the user to specify the frames in terms of hight and width combined with the top and left edges. This turns out to be a bit more intuitive than specifying all four edges reference from the top and left edges of the page.