Adobe InDesign Calendar Wizard

by Scott Selberg
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The Adobe InDesign Calendar Wizard is a free, open source, javascript extension to Adobe InDesign which automatically adds calendars to an InDesign document. It's designed to be very flexible in creating calendars, laying out the page, and adding common cell content in such a way that the user can take advantage of the InDesign's features to easily sytlize it.

The calendar wizard is compatible with Adobe InDesign CS and above on both OSX and Windows platforms.


Key Features

Tutorial Examples

  • Single or Multi-Month Calendar Generation
    • Sunday or Monday as first column
    • Adjustable number of rows (5, 6 or auto)
    • Ability to include mini-calendars of the previous and next month
    • Can highlights Sundays and/or Holidays
    • Can add the phases of the moon
    • Multiple Languages (20+)
  • Advanced Layout Options including
    • 0-12 calendars per page
    • Custom page sizing
    • Custom calendar placing and sizing.
  • Multi-layer approach to assist in positioning complex information into date cells
  • Customizable Holidays
  • Uses Table, Cell, and Paragraph styles for easy customization
  • Compatible with Adobe CS through Adobe CS5 on both Mac and Windows