Adobe InDesign
Calendar Wizard

by Scott Selberg

Jewish Holidays

Many users have requested the ability to import holidays from


Create an iCal file with the desired holidays.

Visit and generate a new calendar. You can use their website to customize the calendar settings. For this example, two files were generated. One with only the Hebrew date for every day of the year, and a second with the major and minor holidays.

When you generate the calendar, you are given the option to download the calendar in a variety of formats. Download the calendar in the Google or macOS format (which is .ics under the hood in both cases).

Convert the iCal file to the holiday format.

Visit the iCal to holiday format converter. On that page, select a start and end date (to bound recurring dates) and paste in the text in the iCal file. Then press convert. to convert the file.


Create the holiday file in the Calendar Wizard

Open the calendar wizard, visit the holidays view and selectManage Holidays. Then create a new holiday file, give it a name and paste in the holiday list from the converter.

I did this twice, once for the Hebrew dates and once for the Hebrew holidays. Below are files with the text that I copied in.


Create the Calendar

I added the hebrewEvents as style A, and hebrewCalendar as style B. I also selected to create a new layer for holiday B


Adjust the style

  • cell styles
    • cal_holidayTextB: 1p6 top cell inset, Top vertical justification.
  • paragraph style cal_title1 to size 8p
    • cal_holidayTextB: Indents and Spacing -> Alignment: Right