Adobe InDesign
Calendar Wizard

by Scott Selberg

Release Notes

Version 5.0.20

Bug Fix: Object styles were not being imported from reference calendars.

Version 5.0.19

Bug Fix: The logic to select the algoritym to determing work week 1 was flawed and has been fixed.

Version 5.0.18

Bug Fix: In version 5.0.15, there was a feature to make independant layers for the holidays; this inadvertantly broke the feature for saving the settings into preset files. This has been fixed.

Bug Fix: Canceling the dialog boxes in Windows resulted in the same outcome as pressing "OK". This has been fixed so cancel now "cancels". This bug does not effect users on macs.

Version 5.0.17

Bug Fix: This fixes a significant bug. The routine to validate the user input was not being called - so there are some combinations of values which can result in bad things that are not trapped in earlier versions. One of the random side effects is the ability to deploy a calendar into the current document, or a frame of the current document was broken because of this. This is now fixed.

Version 5.0.16

Version 5.0.15

Version 5.0.14

Vesion 5.0.13

Version 5.0.12

Version 5.0.11

Version 5.0.10

Version 5.0.9

Version 5.0.8

Version 5.0.7

Version 5.0.6

Version 5.0.5

Version 5.0.4

Version 5.0.3

Version 5.0.2

Version 5.0.1

Version 5.0.0