Adobe InDesign
Calendar Wizard

by Scott Selberg

Classic UI Interface

Classic UI Launcher

The script, calendarWizard-classic.js, brings up a launcher to execute one of the legacy interface scripts. They can all be executed directly from scripts in teh legacy-launchers folder.

Classic UI Launcher

The Grid, List and Line Calendars

The Classic UI for the grid, list and line calendars are very busy as all of the controls available for each calendar in the ScriptUI interface must be present in one window. For large screens this can be helpful as everything is visible; for laptops with small screens this can be a problem as the window is too large to fit and doesn't support scrolling.

Grid Calendar Legacy Grid Calendar Legacy Line Calendar Legacy
Grid Calendar UI List Calendar UI Line Calendar UI


While the classic UI does not have the ability to edit holidays - when any of them are launched any holiday files created by the ScriptUI interface will be picked up. The classic interfaces do not support saving or recalling the state through presets.